General availability of the Azure Mobile App

This is a month-old news, I’m writing here because Just in case somebody missed this news. I was using an Azure app when the app is in preview mode. Recently Microsoft has announced/released full version of Azure Mobile App. This app is a big advantage for Azure/System administrators to perform regular actions like azure VM, websites start/check/restart, review critical alerts and notifications etc. Enabling Require fingerprint option will be add an extra security to Azure mobile app.

Highlights of Azure Mobile App:

  • Stay connected to your Azure resources – anytime, anywhere
  • Check status and critical metrics
  • Stay informed with notifications and alerts
  • Stay in control of your resources and take corrective actions
  • Run AzureCLI and PowerShell commands
  • Keep track of resources and charts across all your subscription on your Favorites tab.

Image description: features/highlights of Azure mobile app. Images are captured from AMP

However, there are lots of options missing on azure mobile app when I compared to the Azure portal (Web). For example, after logging into azure portal I see latest available updates and available Azure credits on but these details are not shown on Azure mobile app notifications.

Image description: Azure mobile apps VS Azure portal
This image explains, notifications related to Azure latest updates and remaining azure credits not appearing on Azure mobile app. Images are captured from Azure mobile app and Azure portal

If you are not using Azure mobile app, download it from Google play store and IOS App store.

You can share azure mobile app feedback on Azure feedback forum.

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