Microsoft Dynamics 365 Instance restoration process

In this blog post, I have explained how to restore on-demand D365 Instances backup on target D365 Instance. As a prerequisite, you must have administrative right to the Dynamics 365 Admin center to perform this restoration process. Don’t worry, this process will complete in few clicks.

How to restore an on-demand D365 backup on target instance?

  1. Browse to the Office 365 admin centerand sign in using Office 365 Global administrator credentials. You must have Dynamics 365 System Administrator or Delegated Admin security roles in office 365.
  2. On your screen left-hand side, Click on Admin centersDynamics 365.
  3. In Dynamics 365 Administration Center page, Click the Backup & Restore
  4. Choose your instance from the Backups from the drop-down list and select desired On-demand backup file from a list of backups.
  5. Click Restore, this will direct to another screen
  6. Click on Select target button to pick your target instance and click Next

  7. Verify the details and click on Restore

Once the restoration process initiated, your instance state is changed to “preparing instance“. You can refresh the page at different intervals to check the status of the restoration process. Once the restoration is completed, your instance state will be changed to “Ready”.


  1. Once restoration process is over, you have to disable administrative mode to connect all your user to the instance.
  2. The restoration process will involve more or less time based on your backup size. If this process takes unusual time, you must contact Microsoft support to know the status of your restoration.

How to disable administrative mode?

After you see, your Instance status is changed to Ready…

  1. Select your D365 Instance and click on Admin
  2. Uncheck “Enable administration mode” and “Disable background operation” option and click Save
  3. That’s it. Your D365 Instance is ready to use.


Source: Microsoft DOCS

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