Microsoft Dynamics 365 Instances Backup Process

Well, we all know Microsoft Dynamics 365 Instances are web based. So, we can only manage D365 (CRM Online) Instances from Dynamics 365 Administrative Center. D365 Instances backup process simple compare to the traditional SQL Backup process. The only thing you must have admin rights on D365 Administration center to perform this activity.

I urge you to go through below post before following D365 Instances backup process. After reading this post  you will be to understand different types of backups in D365.

Different types of backups in Microsoft Dynamics 365

How to Backup Dynamics 365 Instance?

  1. Browse to the Office 365 admin center and sign in using Office 365 Global administrator credentials.You can also sign in with Dynamics 365 System Administrator or Delegated Admin security roles.
  2. In your screen left hand side, Click on Admin centers > Dynamics 365.
  3. In Dynamics 365 Administration Center page, Click the Backup & Restore tab.
  4. Choose your instance from the Backups for drop-down list and Click on New backup.
  5. Type name of the backup and any notes to help identify this backup for future restoration and Click on Create.
  6.  It will take few seconds to redirect to Mange Backups page.
  7. Wait some time to complete backup process. Backup process time depends on your CRM instance/Organization size. You can see your manged backup status is “Creating”.
  8.  Once backup is done, you will see your manual backup status is “Available”.

Source : Microsoft Docs

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