Microsoft Dynamics 365 Pricing models

In this blog post, I would like to provide you some information on available Microsoft Dynamics 365 pricing models.
Before purchasing any plan, it’s always recommend to contact Microsoft Partner/Microsoft. Therefore, your partner will analyse you business and suggest you required licenses. If you purchase licenses through your partner, you might get some attractive discounts.

Below link will give you complete Information on Dynamics 365 Pricing.
Microsoft Dynamics 365 Pricing Models

As of today (09/apr/2018), there are four kinds of pricing models available:

  1. Customer Engagement Plan
  • This plan covers Dynamics365 (Known as CRM online) modules/features
  • The plan started from $115 Per user/month
  1. Unified Operations Plan
  • Buying this plan gives you access to Dynamics 365 F&O (Formerly Known as Dynamics AX)
  • The plan started from $190 Per user/month
  1. Dynamics 365 Plan
  • Microsoft has coated this plan as a “BEST VALUE” plan
  • This plan covers both Dynamcis365+Dynamics365F&O features
  • The plan started from $210 Per user/month
  1. Applications and offers
  • Customers who want only access to Individual modules/features, they can buy this plan
  • Prices are different for each module. You must contact the Microsoft Sales for more information
  • You don’t get Dynamics 365 F&O with this plan
  • The plan started from $40 to $170 Per user/month

**Licenses price may change. Always refer Microsoft pricing website.

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