How to do hardware sizing for Microsoft Dynamics AX (Part-2)

In part1, I have given a list of questions required for Microsoft Dynamics AX hardware sizing. In this post, I am explaining how to use LCS Infrastructure estimation tool for hardware sizing. This tool is available in LCS Portal.

How to use LCS Infrastructure estimator tool:

  1. Login to LCS portal.
  2. Create a new project or open an existing project
  3. Once you enter the project, navigate to more tool section
  4. Look for Infrastructure estimator tool and open
  5. Inside the tool, click on New estimate button and choose an environment type (Development, Production, test or Training) based on your requirement
  6. Once you click on environment, you must fill the form with required details and click on create
  7. On successful creation, the tool will give the information like, servers count, CPU and RAM required details for your environment

Note: If you want to do hardware sizing for the production environment, you need to follow some additional steps (start with step8).

  1. After step3, look for Usage profiler tool and open it
  2. Download excel template from the tool and fill with required details. Most of the questions covered in Part1
  3. Save the file locally and Upload completed template into the tool by using ‘Upload completed template’ option
  4. Wait a while for the process to finish. If you missed any details, click on Deployment details, fill it again and save
  5. Once deployment details saved successfully, you will see the green mark in Deployment details
  6. Click on Mark as complete option and continue with Step4 to Step7
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