Uninstall Microsoft Dynamics AX AOS service forcibly?

One of my colleagues was working on an AX upgrade from cu8 to cu9 by using an update installer. He has faced some unexpected errors in the upgrade process so he decided to uninstall AOS completely. Initially, he used AX setup file to uninstall AOS services but he ends with an error “Error 1001 “. Not sure what he did to get around it. After spending some time along with him, I am able to uninstall AOS services successfully by following below steps:

  1. Deleted AOS services with windows command
  • Open command prompt Run as administrator
  • Run this query in the command prompt ‘ sc delete AOS60$01
  1. Reboot your server
  2. Deleted AOS service entries from Registry Editor
  • Open Registry Editor
  • Navigate to this path: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services
  • Delete ‘AOS60$01
  1. Uninstall Microsoft Dynamics AX from programs and features by using Windows Uninstaller tool.

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