Deploying Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3 Demo machine in Azure Portal

Here, I am explaining how to create and deploy Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3 CU9 demo machine from Azure portal.

Perquisites: Azure portal login credentials and subscription.

If you don’t have azure logins don’t worry. You can create now. In my previous post, I’ve explained how to create Microsoft Azure free account. With this account, you will get free credits.

I’ve followed TechNet article to Deploy AX2012R3CU9 Demo VM but got an error during downing management certificate from LCS portal. So I’ve followed below steps to deploy AX2012 R3 Cu9 Demo VM

  1. First, Login into Azure Portal
  2. Click on Virtual Machine >> Add >> Search for Microsoft Dynamics AX2012R3 image
  3. Click on Dynamics AX2012 R3 (preview) image, in next screen click on Create button
  1. In next screen fill Deploy Dynamics AX form and click on CreateI’ve provided details in the Deploy Dynamics AX form like below:
    Deployment name: AX2012R3DEMO
    Subscription: Free subscription (I am using free subscription here)
    Location: Central US (I preferred to select South India but D4 VM’s are not available in India data centres) For more info:
    Select Lifecycle Services project: AX2012R3DEMO (Just created a new project, I don’t have access to LCS portal)

    Review + Accept: Click on Buy (Review Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3 Evaluation and Microsoft Dynamics Lifecycle Services price and click on Buy)
  1. LCS Project, Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012R3 environment will be deployed respectively and you will see a notification like below.
  2. Login into the LCS portal with the same credentials (use azure login credentials), click on the newly created project.
  3. In Environments, click on the Azure environment name, you will see the deployment status (Deploying/ Deployed)
  4. Once Demo VM deployment is done(this will take approx 5 hours), log in to azure portal >> Download RDP file >> connect to VM with credentials (username: builtin\Admin ; Password  : pass@word1)


  1. Thanks a lot this password was not showing.

  2. You are most welcome

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