Are you not using windows 10? Windows 10 Free upgrade is ending soon

Hello all, Hurry up!

Windows 10 Free upgrade is ending soon. For more information, check out here.

Windows 10 Now on 300 Million Active Devices – Free Upgrade Offer to End Soon

I am basically a windows fan. Finally, I got a time to upgraded my phone and desktop to Windows 10. It’s really worth to upgrade.

Here I’m adding some features of Windows 10 Operating System:

  1. Cortana: Every once personal assistant. You can compose an email, Set Reminders, read incoming messages and reply, do phone calls and lot more.
  2. Virtual Desktop: This feature, I was used in Linux Desktop OS, but finally this feature brings to here (Windows 10). You can quickly view opened tabs, create new desktop and switch between them.
  3. Universal Apps: There are lot of common universal apps available in store for Windows 10 Desktop and Widows 10 Phone.
  4. Start Button: You are not fine with Windows 8, Windows 8.1 start button? In Windows 10 Microsoft brings start button same like windows 7 &8.1.
  5. Notifications: Notification in the task bar, I like so much this new notification feature, we can see all settings at one place (like All Settings, Blue tooth, Battery, Location, Camera and more) in Windows Phone and Desktop OS.

“Yours, Ravi Theja Madisetty ”

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