The CIL generator found errors and could not save the new assembly in AX2012R2

I had encountered this error many times in our customer Development environments.

John Johnson explained and mentioned resolution steps in his AXWONDERS blog.
Click on below link to visit AX WONDERS blog.

AXWONDERS Blog written by John Johnson



  1. I am facing the same problem, error occurred during the Compilation to .Net CIL Generation, I did the same what ever you mention,
    I went to the location of XPPIL directory and removed all the assembly from there, after that i synchronize the database and the full compilation and next the CIL generation, but no improvement.
    I want to dictate my scenario over here.
    My Database is 2012 standard and located on this (
    and AX2012 R3 is on different IP (
    Installation done successfully as well as Application Compile without any error.
    the next step when compile with CIL Generation, error occurred “The CIL generator found errors and could not save the new assembly”.
    what should be possible error in this environment.
    For your clarification,
    User is Member of Domain Admin and Admin of local system.
    Thanking you

    • Hi ,
      You can follow the below steps .
      1. Stop the AOS services
      2. Delete the XPPL folder
      3. Truncate the SysXPPAssembly table from database
      4. Start the AOS services and Do the FULL CIL.
      I hope this steps will work.
      Regards ,
      Ravi Theja M

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