Getting the error while opening the debugger in AX2012R2 and user having admin privileges as well.

Issue: Unable to open debugger in AX2012R2 and user having admin rights as well.

Error: The X++ debugger works only for users who are in the ‘Microsoft Dynamics AX Debugging User’ local group of windows. Get added to the group, and then login again to windows.


Solution: In my case issue got resolved after running AX application with ‘Run as administrator’.

Steps: Press shift and right click on AX shortcut icon and click on Run as administrator.


“Yours – Ravi Theja Madisetty”

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  1. Please note that user should be a member of Microsoft Dynamics AX Debugger group.

    You can find the group in ‘Local user and Security –> Groups –>Microsoft Dynamics AX Debugger group’

    Ravi Theja Madisetty

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