Resolved | Create table permission denied issue in tempdb

Error: CREATE TABLE permission denied in database ‘tempdb’ in dynamics AX 2012 R2.

Background of the issue: This issue appeared after login and navigating to any forms in Microsoft Dynamics AX.

Solution: When I checked, there are no proper rights to the guest account on the tempdb table. After providing db_ddladmin, db_owner, db_securityadmin roles to the guest user, issue got resolved.

Few of other bloggers suggested in comments, providing the same permissions to AOS service account will also resolve the issue.

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**Blog posted on 30/Apr/2014.
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  1. Hii Ravi, Thanks for this helpful solution…

  2. This one you have to do from each user login .. instead of that you can just follow the link and give the same privileges to AOS user.

  3. Thank you Ravi.

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